Training Guide

Tactics Time 2.0 User’s Training Guide Book

How to make the most of your Chess Improvement Tactics Training

Click here (or the image) to open.

Inside you will find information on

  • Software download
  • Software installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to use the Database
  • Product Bonuses
  • Training Plans
  • Thinking Process
  • Tips for study
  • Mindsets
  • Mental Checklists
  • Goal Setting
  • Making the most of your product
  • Other Recommended Tactical Resources
  • Full Bibliography

5 thoughts on “Training Guide

  1. There are also pickup games at the Air Force Academy on Tuesday and Thursday at noon. Games llsauuy last until 1:30. The academy is open to the public, just have your driver’s license to get through the gate. Games are on the practice football field behind the cadet gym. Take North Gate Blvd. Take left on Parade loop and a right onto Field house Drive. You can park in front of the Field House and walk down to the athletic fields(map at URL above) When the weather is bad we play in the fieldhouse.

    • Right – Chessbase only runs on Mac. I also include a PGN version of the positions that you can use with any PGN reader, and the PDF and eBook versions can be used with either Mac or PC. So I have had some people use it with a Mac, but since chessbase doesn’t run on there, it is a little bit more limited. Hope that helps :)

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