Boston Chess Congress Educational Expo

My Tactics Time co-author, Anthea Carson traveled last weekend to the Boston Chess Congress chess tournament, and Chess Educational Expo. 

Here is a Tactic from Anthea’s last round game against Oliver Heynes

White to Move

Answer at the Bottom:

White to Move

White to Move

Here is a report that Anthea wrote on the event…


Tactics Time was invited to the Boston Chess Education Expo, to be held simultaneously with the Boston Amateur Open, this last weekend. I flew out to bring Tactics Time and played in both the Amateur tournament, and the blitz tournament held immediately after. I also attended the Expo, set out a display for Tactics Time and got to hear a lecture on chess education by WIM and former US Women’s champion, Sharon Burtman.

Anthea Carson and Sharon Burtman

Anthea Carson (left) with WIM Sharon Burtman

I had heard about Sharon’s chess ability when I took lessons with Jeremy Silman out in Los Angeles, so I was very curious to hear her speak.

Sharon talked about how when she was in junior high, she had been introduced to the game of chess through after school enrichment program. She said it was love at first sight. She loved the game and had an aptitude for it. But unfortunately after only a few sessions, she was informed that she had taken her limit of after school chess sessions.

Fortunately for the chess world, Sharon didn’t stop playing. She played in local clubs and tournaments nearly every night of the week.

Sharon was one of those strong, courageous women who are able to compete in the chess world, a world that is full of mostly men. She shrugs this off as no big deal. But I have to wonder where she got the inner strength to compete in this male dominated sport.

Sharon’s story shows the importance of introducing things like chess to the schools, and what can result from something as simple as an after school chess program.

If you are a chess coach either working or volunteering to expose more children to the great game of chess, you never know where it might lead or how much it might change a child’s life.

I had a great time in Boston, I was very grateful that Tactics Time was invited to be a part of this Expo, and Tactics Time definitely has a group of fans and supporters in the Northeast as many had already heard of it, and had nothing but positive things to say about the unique approach to studying the games of amateurs in order to gain strength in finding tactics in club level games.

Tactics Answer:

There is a lot going on here.  Material is even, but White’s Queen is under attack from the Black Bishop on c8.  There are multiple pins going on.

Instead of trading of Queens or retreating her Queen, Anthea found 1. Bxe6! which wins a piece.  This move captures the Black Knight, and counter attacks the Black Queen.

If Black takes White’s Queen with 1…Bxd7 then White plays Bxf7 with a discovered attack on the Black Bishop, now on d7.  See Diagram

AntheaBoston2Now Black doesn’t have time to capture White’s Bishop and protect their own bishop. 

After the smoke clears White is up a piece.

Black’s best try is 2…Bg4 3. f3 exf3 4. gxf3 Bxf3 which nets a pawn, but after 5. Rd7 white is clearly winning.

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