January 2011 Tactics Time: Missed Oppourtunities

The January 2011 Tactics Time features a couple of missed opportunities, where the player had a one or two move tactic on the board but did not see it. How does this happen?  One reason is because the person is … Continue reading

January 2010 Tactics Time: Look for the best recapture

January 2010 Tactics Time Column The January 2010 Tactics Time features some great positions. One type of tactic that some chess players have a tough time with are one square queen moves. Another type of tactic is one where the … Continue reading

October 2009 Tactics Time: Information Overload

The October 2009 Tactics Time features several problems with an Overload and Removing the Defender tactic.  These two tactics are very similar, with the main idea that the defending piece is forced to try and do two things at one … Continue reading