January 2010 Tactics Time: Look for the best recapture

January 2010 Tactics Time Column The January 2010 Tactics Time features some great positions. One type of tactic that some chess players have a tough time with are one square queen moves. Another type of tactic is one where the … Continue reading

October 2009 Tactics Time: Information Overload

The October 2009 Tactics Time features several problems with an Overload and Removing the Defender tactic.  These two tactics are very similar, with the main idea that the defending piece is forced to try and do two things at one … Continue reading

July 2009 Tactics Time: Hidden Resources, Absurd Underpromotions

The July 2009 issue of Tactics Time features probably the most absurd position that has ever been included in the column.  This would be from a RedHotPawn.com online correspondence game that my friend Pete Short played.  In that game white refused … Continue reading

Tactics Time Version 1.1

I just released an update to the Tactics Time Database – Version 1.1! Existing customers have already been notified by e-mail that they can download the new version with updates for free.  (Tactics Time comes with free, unlimited, lifetime upgrades). … Continue reading

January 2009 Tactics Time: Never Quit

“Even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win.” ~Arnold Palmer The January 2009 Tactics Time features a large number of games from the 2008 Colorado … Continue reading

October 2008 Tactics Time Column: Pawn Stars

October 2008 Tactics Time Column “The older I grow, the more I value Pawns.” – Paul Keres The October 2008 Tactics Time has several problems where a pawn makes the winning move. Problem 1 shows the pieces working together nicely. … Continue reading

July 2008 Tactics Time Column: Avoid the Obvious

There are some interesting themes and subtle moves in the July 2008 Tactics Time. Problem 1 is an excellent example of not making the obvious move.  Here black’s queen is attacked, but he doesn’t just make a knee jerk reaction … Continue reading

April 2008 Tactics Time: Failure to Launch

The April 2008 Tactics Time column features several positions where the player failed to find the winning move, and either suffered a loss, or ended up with a draw instead of a win.  These examples show the importance of finding the best … Continue reading

January 2008 Tactics Time: Attack of the Crab Monsters

I resumed my duties with Tactics Time for the January 2008 issue of the Colorado Chess Informant, and went back to the original 9 puzzle format. Tactics include: removing the defender, mating nets, trapping, and pins. Problem 5 shows a … Continue reading

January 2007 Tactics Time Column: Quiet Move

Randy Reynolds also authored the Jan 2007 issue of Tactics Time, and did a fantastic job.  This time Randy abandoned the upside down answer key. The first puzzle features a nice “quiet move”, which is nice, since most tactics problems … Continue reading

October 2006 Tactics Time: Out of the Dark Ages

The Colorado Chess Informant, and Tactics Time column had a bit of a “Dark Ages” in late 2005 and early 2006 until Randy Reynolds of Fort Collins told over as Editor of the magazine, and brought the column back to life.  … Continue reading