The Four Stages of Learning Chess Tactics

    Today I want to talk about an idea related to learning called the the “conscious competence” learning model, and how it can be applied to your study of chess tactics.    From Wikipedia ( The conscious competence model relates to … Continue reading

Why some Chess Tactics Problems are like Playboy Magazine

I recently had an interesting e-mail discussion with one of my customers, Matt S.  You can read excerpts below (emphasis added by me). Matt signed up for my free chess tactics e-mail newsletter, and tried out the sample of 25 … Continue reading

April 2005 Tactics Time Column: Opening Blunder

The April 2005 Tactics Time features some great positions! Included are a windmill style mate, opening blunder in which black wins a piece on move 6, Boden’s mate (which was missed in the game), and text book smothered mate that … Continue reading

April 2004 Tactics Time: Smothered Mate

April 2004 was an exciting time for chess in Colorado, because we had just completed the “Edward Levy Memorial” tournament, which was a huge Bill Goichberg Continental Chess Association tournament with hundreds of people, including top GMs, and thousands of dollars … Continue reading