2001: A Chess Odyssey – Lessons Learned Making it to Expert

This month of August has been a crazy one for me chess wise! On July 31, my rating was 1825.  3 days later it was 1952, and 8 days after that it was 2006! As I am writing this, my … Continue reading

Chess Tactics Training Guide

Based on some feedback that I got from one of my customers, Dan in England, I wrote a Tactics Time User’s Guide.  You can read for free here.    In the book I give some tips on: How to use … Continue reading

The problem with Michael de la Maza’s Rapid Chess Improvement

   Michael de la Maza in his outstanding “400 points in 400 days” articles (Part 1 here: http://www.chesscafe.com/text/skittles148.pdf Part 2 here: http://www.chesscafe.com/text/skittles150.pdf) laid out a plan he called “The Seven Circles”.    Michael de la Maza is probably the biggest … Continue reading

Tim Brennan Podcast Interview

Today’s podcast features me, Tim Brennan Andy Pineda of Fort Collins asked me if I would be interested in doing a podcast, where he would interview me, which I thought was a fun idea. Andy and I talked about: How … Continue reading

Tips for solving tactics problems

Here are a few quick tips for solving chess tactics problems. Always look at checks. Look for loose pieces (pieces that are undefended) Look for ways to create some sort of double attack (attacking two pieces at the same time) … Continue reading

Newsletter Reader Feedback: Shallow and Unhelpful

  There is never a risk or hassle signing up for my free chess tactics newsletter, because you can always unsubscibe with just one click I got a couple of unsubscribes lately where the people left a comment as to … Continue reading