Xtreme Chess Champs, USCF Memberships, Magnus Carlsen Interview

Here is a video that Jennifer Shahade posted for the “Xtreme Chess Champs” show It is kind of amusing. Seems like there is a wide range of playing ability with the contestants.  One player was hanging pieces, while another was … Continue reading

Chuck Norris Chess, Denver CC, Chess Reality show, Online Cheating, Fritz Bug

My Friend Pete sent me this image, which kicked off a chain of Chuck Norris Chess Jokes.  I found a few more on the internet that people came up with. Chuck Norris did play chess, he solved it the first … Continue reading

Tactics Time News and Notes: UTD Chess, Prison Chess

Chesscafe.com featured this video showing the UT Dallas Chess Team.  “The Incredible” Tyler Hughes of Colorado is featured in the video! I used to live in Dallas, and took some math and computer science classes there, before I moved to … Continue reading