Chess classes, titles and norms explained

What I have learned recently is that there are “chess titles” and “chess classes”… With so many Colorado players crossing over the 2000 mark lately, there has been some confusion – for example if someone gets over 2000 – they … Continue reading

News and Notes: Chess Comeback after 25 years, Broken Pawn, CJA

I played in the Loveland Open this past weekend which was a lot of fun! There were 60 players, from 6 different states: Colorado Wyoming Arizona North Carolina California Alaska!   Wow! Nice! Here is a nice tactic from one … Continue reading

Chuck Norris Chess, Denver CC, Chess Reality show, Online Cheating, Fritz Bug

My Friend Pete sent me this image, which kicked off a chain of Chuck Norris Chess Jokes.  I found a few more on the internet that people came up with. Chuck Norris did play chess, he solved it the first … Continue reading

Klaus Johnson Podcast

Today’s podcast features Klaus Johnson. Klaus is a former President of the Colorado Chess Association, President of the Boulder chess club, Tournament organizer, and active player. Klaus’ Red Hot Pawn profile reads: In addition to RHP, I also play correspondence … Continue reading