The Bad Beliefs of Chess Improvement

One of the things that often surprises and saddens me is how chess players can spend years working on their chess game and never improve. Some just give up, and accept the fact that they have a low rating, and … Continue reading

Randy Reynolds Podcast Interview

Today’s podcast features Randy Reynolds. Randy has been very active in the Colorado Chess scene the past 10 years  He: runs tournaments and helps organize events teaches chess to children in schools and private lessons is the former editor of … Continue reading

Novice Nook on Chess Tactics Part II

In Part 1 of this article, I looked at several useful articles in Chesscafe’s Novice Nook Column, by NM Dan Heisman, that provided useful tips, tricks, and ideas related to the study of chess tactics. In this article I will … Continue reading

Solving vs Recognizing Tactics, IM Andrew Martin Videos, Knight Moves

Call for Artists for the upcoming “Art of Chess” exhibition that will be held at the Glovinsky Gallery in Denver. This exhibit features an original “Chess” themed art exhibition right in the heart of Denver’s Beautiful Santa Fe Arts District! … Continue reading