Reader Questions on Sunday’s Newsletter Chess Tactic

I got a few questions about the chess tactic that I sent out on Sunday, which you can read here: Here is the position in question, with white to move: James writes: Hi Tim, You got my vote; your … Continue reading

Media Circus!

Tactics Time has been getting a lot of press lately! On Sunday my website was mentioned in Stephen Dann’s Chess Column, which appears in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Newspaper.  Worcester is the second largest city in Massachusetts, after Boston. … Continue reading

Why some Chess Tactics Problems are like Playboy Magazine

I recently had an interesting e-mail discussion with one of my customers, Matt S.  You can read excerpts below (emphasis added by me). Matt signed up for my free chess tactics e-mail newsletter, and tried out the sample of 25 … Continue reading

News and Notes: Chess Musical, Fantasy Chess, Chess Videos, Newsletters…

Some quick tidbits…. Happy 49th Birthday today (April 13th) to “The Boss” Garry Kasparov! His historical match against IBM’s Deep Blue inspired me to get into chess! I was in Philadelphia attending the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) conference when … Continue reading

Newsletter Reader Feedback: Shallow and Unhelpful

  There is never a risk or hassle signing up for my free chess tactics newsletter, because you can always unsubscibe with just one click I got a couple of unsubscribes lately where the people left a comment as to … Continue reading

Dangerous Passed Pawn on the 7th Rank Tactic

Here is another tactic that I got a question about via email. This problem appears in Tactics Time Newsletter #12. This game is between Alexander Freeman and Fred Spell, and was played at the East Coast Deli in downtown Colorado … Continue reading