2001: A Chess Odyssey – Lessons Learned Making it to Expert

This month of August has been a crazy one for me chess wise! On July 31, my rating was 1825.  3 days later it was 1952, and 8 days after that it was 2006! As I am writing this, my … Continue reading

Tactics Time Wins Gold in the E-mail Marketing Summer Games!

The Tactics Time Chess Improvement E-mail Newsletter won first place for “Best Content” in the 2012 AWeber E-mail Marketing Summer Games! The criteria for the “Best Content” award was: The content of the email relates to the brand’s product or service … Continue reading

The Bad Beliefs of Chess Improvement

One of the things that often surprises and saddens me is how chess players can spend years working on their chess game and never improve. Some just give up, and accept the fact that they have a low rating, and … Continue reading

Gaining 173 Rating Points in One Month

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback and e-mail from chess players, newsletter readers, and customers, from all over the world, who have been telling me that they have been winning more games, raising their chess rating, and having … Continue reading

Why some Chess Tactics Problems are like Playboy Magazine

I recently had an interesting e-mail discussion with one of my customers, Matt S.  You can read excerpts below (emphasis added by me). Matt signed up for my free chess tactics e-mail newsletter, and tried out the sample of 25 … Continue reading