Why pick a pawn when you could pick a Bishop?

I frequently get questions about some of the tactics that I publish, both in my newsletters, as well as my column from the Colorado Chess Informant. Here is a letter I received today about my October 2011 Informant Tactics Time … Continue reading

January 2008 Tactics Time: Attack of the Crab Monsters

I resumed my duties with Tactics Time for the January 2008 issue of the Colorado Chess Informant, and went back to the original 9 puzzle format. Tactics include: removing the defender, mating nets, trapping, and pins. Problem 5 shows a … Continue reading

October 2006 Tactics Time: Out of the Dark Ages

The Colorado Chess Informant, and Tactics Time column had a bit of a “Dark Ages” in late 2005 and early 2006 until Randy Reynolds of Fort Collins told over as Editor of the magazine, and brought the column back to life.  … Continue reading

April 2005 Tactics Time Column: Opening Blunder

The April 2005 Tactics Time features some great positions! Included are a windmill style mate, opening blunder in which black wins a piece on move 6, Boden’s mate (which was missed in the game), and text book smothered mate that … Continue reading

January 2005 Tactics Time: Forcing a Draw

The January 2005 Tactics Time features some great positions! Included are discovered and double attacks, deflections, mating nets, and two games where the losing side forces a draw (a really under appreciated, but important tactical motif!) Problem #8 is interesting, … Continue reading

October 2004 Tactics Time Column

 The October 2004 issue of tactics time included a lot of tactics involving the knight. As my good buddy Francisco once said “Knights are tricky”. This issue also features some good upsets, missed opportunities, and even an underpromotion! There are … Continue reading

July 2004 Tactics Time Column: Swindle Master

July 2004 Tactics Time Column The July 2004 issue of Tactics Time featured some interesting positions. In the first position Paul Grimm showed why he was known as the “swindle master”, and is a good argument for the “never resign” … Continue reading

April 2004 Tactics Time: Smothered Mate

April 2004 was an exciting time for chess in Colorado, because we had just completed the “Edward Levy Memorial” tournament, which was a huge Bill Goichberg Continental Chess Association tournament with hundreds of people, including top GMs, and thousands of dollars … Continue reading

January 2004 Tactics Time Chess Column: Boden’s Mate Surprise

I first started “Tactics Time” as a column for the Colorado Chess Informant Magazine in January 2004, when I was also the editor of the quarterly state magazine.  Each column contained 9 different tactics problems from real games played between Colorado players. My … Continue reading