The finest compliment I can receive…

The finest compliment I can receive is a referral -Donna Harris

Today I would like to ask you for a quick favor…

If you enjoy my chess tactics blog and newsletter, could you help me “spread the word” and tell your chess friends about it?

I don’t have a huge budget for things like advertising, and mostly depend on “word of mouth” and referrals to help me get “traffic”, visitors and subscribers.

There are many ways that you could do this.  Here are a few ideas…

  • Post a link on your Facebook status to and encourage your friends to sign up.   
  • Spread the word with a twitter post about the newsletter.
  • Post a status update on Linked In about Tactics Time.
  • Send an e-mail to your 5-10 closest chess friends and encourage them to check out the Tactics Time Chess Tactics e-mail newsletter.
  • Post a message to any online chess related forums/chat rooms/bulletin boards that you participate in.
  • Add a link to a chess related website or blog that you write (I am happy to add a link back to your site as well!).
  • Tell your friends in person at your local chess club.
  • Add a link or recommendation to you online chess profile.
  • If you have any chess students let them know about the newsletter.
  • If you are in any chess related e-mail lists, send a shout out to the list.
  • Mention the site in your state or local chess newsletter.
  • “Like” Tactics Time on Facebook
  • Put up a sign up sheet at a chess tournament.
  • Hang up a flyer if your club has a permanent location.
  • Any other ideas you might have!

I really appreciate the support! 

Thanks so much!

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One thought on “The finest compliment I can receive…

  1. I think it is very simple to help you Timmy to spread this Tactics Time website. I am grateful for those who helps and I encourage you to keep up the great work! I like your articles and find it great way to think some chess problems. Some of them I even use to produce my own articles! :). I am glad you want to help others to improve their tactics and are able to make great interviews and nice articles. I think your work deserve recommendation and we should help you as we do not have to pay for all the things we can share and read or enjoy with you effort!

    Good luck Timmy!
    PS. I help you in some ways and try to encourage some friends to check out your website and sign up for a great newsletter!

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