July 2013 Tactics Time Column

Click Here to read the July 2013 Tactics Time Column from the Colorado State Chess Association’s magazine the Colorado Chess Informant in PDF.

TacticsTimeJuly2013CoverTournaments include:

  • Denver Memorial Day Tournament
  • Colorado Springs Panera Bread Tournaments
  • Colorado Closed
  • and more!

Players include:

  • Jason Loving
  • Gunnar Andersen
  • Michael Ginat
  • Robert Cousins
  • Daniel Herman
  • Paul Anderson
  • Shirley Herman
  • and more!

Chess Tactics include:

  • Queen Trap
  • Discovered Attack
  • Double Attack
  • Pin
  • Clearance
  • Mating nets

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3 thoughts on “July 2013 Tactics Time Column

    • Nd4 is actually what was played in the game. White can just take it with Bxd4 or Nxd4. In a lot of the Queen trap type problems one side doesn’t actually win the Queen, but Black has to give up material in order to give the Queen an escape square. So in this case White, doesn’t win the Queen, but still wins a piece, and has a winning position.

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