January 2014 Tactics Time Column

Click Here to read the January 2014 Tactics Time Column from the Colorado State Chess Association’s magazine the Colorado Chess Informant in PDF.

January 2014 Tactics TimeTournaments include:

  • Winter Springs Open
  • Colorado Springs Panera Bread Tournaments
  • Colorado Open
  • and more!

Players include:

  • Anthea Carson
  • Alex Mekonnen
  • Gary Bagstad
  • Ekrem Tamkan
  • Suhaas Narayanan
  • Kevin Kaaoush
  • Mark Krowczyk
  • and more!

Chess Tactics include:

  • X-ray Attack
  • Overload
  • Discovered Attack
  • Pin
  • Mating nets

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2 thoughts on “January 2014 Tactics Time Column

  1. Tim I have not received this month my news letter.They are instructive and grreat.Tell me what happened.ocanomd

    • Hey Orlando – thanks for letting me know! I am glad that you like them! The system is showing that you are still subscribed. You might want to check you spam box. That would be my first guess.


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