Buried Alive

Today I would like to share a quick story…

   Two weeks ago Shirley Herman, who is a very active chess player, chess mom, tournament organizer, and Colorado Chess political gadfly held a Super Bowl themed Chess Tournament at her beautiful home in North Colorado Springs.
 Bronco Chess Knight
   This was the day before the Broncos imploded in one of the worst super bowl blowouts ever!
   Shirley had Bronco’s themed time controls – Game 48 (for super bowl 48) with an 18 second increment (for Payton Manning’s Jersey Number).  She even had cupcakes with a football theme.  It was a great time, and Shirley is always an amazing host.
Tim Brennan vs Gunnar Andersen

Me playing Gunnar Andersen in Round 3

   I was a “game time decision” whether I was going to attend or not because of the weather.  I drive a Miata, which is a very practical winter car – if you live in Tucson!  In Colorado, not so much.  The weather has been very snowy and bitterly cold here the past few weeks.
Tim's Miata

My baby

   At the last minute I decided to go, and rushed out to clean off my car, and scrape off the ice and snow.
   When I got to Shirley’s house I realized that I didn’t have my monroi (electronic scoring device).
   I was an early adopter of the monroi, and got it around 2007.  I was one of the first people in Colorado to have one, and it has been a trusty companion during my various chess adventures.  I realized it must have fallen out of my jacket coat while I was cleaning the car.

   I assumed it was gone for good after I couldn’t find it for a week.

    So, last Saturday I am unloading groceries from my car – look down, and there was the monroi sticking out of the melting snow! It had been buried alive for a week.

   I took it back inside, and just out of curiosity turned it on. And I’ll be damned – the thing turned on and works perfectly!

   I was VERY impressed that it was able to survive a week in the frozen tundra!!

   Great job Monroi!  http://monroi.com/

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