Pete Short Interview

My long time great friend and chess wingman Pete Short joins me for this weeks podcast!

Pete Short Playing Chess

Pete is a great story teller, and shares lots of hilarious tales of his chess adventures over the years.  Inside you will hear:

  • “Clogs and Plungers: A Brief History of the Denver Chess Club” along the lines of his  hilarious articles on my blog.
  • Tales from the “Woodstock of Chess”, the HB Global Challenge in Minnesota, and how we were able to get an all expenses paid trip there.
  • How Francisco Baltier, a 1500 rated player, beat GM Walter Browne with the Fishing Pole in Reno
  • The “Calling in the Wolfe” story of how Pete helped me get my sunglasses back when they were stolen from a tournament in Florida – Jack Bauer style!

Pete is like the Howard Stern of Chess Podcasts – he pulls no punches, names names, and tells it like it is :-)

You are sure to enjoy this podcast! MP3 podcast interview with Pete Short (Right Click to download) interview with Pete Short PDF Transcript

You can follow Pete:


Pete’s hilarious blog posts

  • Clogs and Plungers
  • The Denver Chess Club has a New Location

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3 thoughts on “Pete Short Interview

  1. tim, this is an awesome tactics time blog with nice audio, *.pdf’s, etc.

    the redwood pete interview is FULARIOUS!!! esp. the rips on poor shannon and DCC war stories at VFW Post #1.

    i saved the introductory tactics time sampler and 10-items of chess tactics article; they will be the 1st things i’ll read whenever i dare to get back into the chess scene. :-)

  2. Hey thanks Paul! Glad that you liked it! Thanks too for signing up for my newsletter, and being the first to leave a comment on the blog!

    I think that you will like the newsletter a lot – I know that you have at least one tactic in there – I won’t ruin the surprise, but it is a really great one – one of your best moves ever! I think it is around Newsletter 7 or 8.

    You will get a new puzzle about every other day, so hopefully that can keep your mental chess saw from getting too rusty and dull, so you will still be somewhat sharp when you make a dramatic return to the chess world!

    Cheers, and thanks again for the nice complements :-)


  3. Tim,

    The Pete Short interview was excellent! I remember Pete trying to convince me to come to the Florida tournament as well but I wimped out. I could have witnessed the sunglass escapade first hand. Opportunity lost.

    I’ve taken some time off this summer from chess and have only played redhotpawn and blitz games. This is all motivating me to return to some serious study.


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