New Podcast, chess chat with Anthea Carson

Today I did another Tactics Time Chess Podcast with Anthea Carson!

We talked about Chess Simuls, Openings, Tournaments, Rules, Grandmasters, Bobby Fischer Documentary, Prisons, and lots of other fun chess related topics!  More details below…

Anthea should need no introduction to anyone who reads my newsletters, listens to my podcasts, or follows my twitter feed, but in case you don’t know, Anthea is a super active chess player in Colorado, a chess mom, chess teacher, and chess author.  Her book “How to Play Chess like an Animal” has been on the New York Times best seller list (in the category for books on Animal Chess Openings)  for a couple of years now :-)

I think that this podcast turned out really well.  Based on listener feedback, I bought a new high quality microphone from (see link below), so the quality is much higher.

Anthea Preparing some Killer Theoretical Novelties

We talked about a lot of interesting chess topics:

  • Denver Chess Club’s GM Alex Fishbein simul
  • The Boring Opening (one of Anthea’s favorites)
  • Strategies for playing in simuls
  • Resurgence of the Denver Chess Club
  • The Bobby Fischer Tournament
  • The Wild West Tournament
  • Touch Move Rule (and the Kasparov and Judit Polgar Touch Move controversy)
  • Commentary on various Grandmasters
  • HBO’s Bobby Fischer Against the World Documentary
  • Frank Brady’s Endgame book on Fischer
  • Chess in China
  • Bishop and Knight versus King endgame
  • 30 second increment and keeping score when your opponent is low on time
  • Chess in Prison stories

You are sure to enjoy this podcast!

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here on the webpage, or download it to listen to on your computer or portable MP3 player/iPod.

If you are an iTunes user, you can subscribe there as well – search for “Tactics Time” MP3 podcast interview with Anthea Carson (Right Click to download) July 3, 2011 chess with Anthea Carson PDF Transcript

Anthea at the recent tournament in Fountain, CO



Anthea’s Hub page on Checkmating with Bishop and Knight

Anthea’s Hub page on The Boring Opening

Anthea’s Hub page Review of Bobby Fischer Against the World

Anthea’s Hub page article about GM Alex Fishbein

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