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Today’s podcast features Klaus Johnson. Klaus is a former President of the Colorado Chess Association, President of the Boulder chess club, Tournament organizer, and active player.

Klaus’ Red Hot Pawn profile reads:

In addition to RHP, I also play correspondence through USCF and ICCF (mostly USCF). I was 2nd place in the 2009 Colorado Correspondence Championship (6.0/8) and am a finalist in the 2010 and 2011 Championships. I haven’t gotten past the preliminary stage yet in the Electronic Knights, and I would like to this year! I’ve scored 3.5/6 three years in a row now (need 4.5 to move to semi-finals).

Currently live in Columbia, SC, but used to direct and organize tournaments in CO. I was a Local TD (tournament director) and was the CSCA (Colorado State Chess Association) president for a year. These days, I hardly do any directing, but I would like to get my last two credits towards becoming a senior TD.

I’m a class A OTB player (1840) but that’s probably an overestimation of my strength, as I played a grand total of 8 rated games in 2010 and I’m certainly out of practice. My last big tournament was the 2009 US Open where I had a decent performance (4.5/9).

Klaus Johnson (Left) against Markus Petters in Fort Collins (Photo by Randy Reynolds)

Klaus and I talked about:

  • How he got interested in chess
  • His experiences playing in different parts of the country such as Colorado, Iowa and South Carolina, and how the chess scenes differ (time controls, entry fees, prizes).
  • His thoughts on the Colorado Tour
  • Correspondence chess
  • Experiences with directing chess tournaments, and chess leadership positions

You are sure to enjoy this podcast!


TacticsTime.com MP3 podcast interview with Klaus Johnson (Right Click to download)

TacticsTime.com interview with Klaus Johnson PDF Transcript

Klaus’s USCF Rating History

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