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In this week’s Tactics Time podcast Tim interviewed Fred Spell.  Fred is a great asset to the Colorado Chess Community, serving as Editor of the Colorado Chess Informant and doing an outstanding job, being an active tournament player, organizing and directing outstanding tournaments, and maintaining his own website where he publishes his own monthly newsletter with games played in Colorado Springs, and back issues of the Colorado Chess Informant (in technicolor!).


TD, Organizer, Editor, CO Chess Player Fred Spell

Fred and Joe Fromme are running a “Tribute to Bobby  Fischer Tournament” next weekend (May 21-22), which sounds like it will be outstanding.  This will be the third Bobby Fischer Tribute tournament held in Colorado.

Fred does a class act with everything he touches, so I have no doubt that the Bobby Fischer tournament is going to be outstanding.  Fred mentioned that all of the entry fees go towards the prizes!  The playing site is a great, beautiful location, which easily accessable from both Denver and Colorado Springs.  There will even be free coffee (yay!)  Click on the Fischer link below for more information.

In the podcast Fred also shares his insights on

  • How to publish a quality chess publication, and what some of the challenges are
  • Thoughts on organizing and running quality tournaments
  • Current Colorado Chess issues such as the Colorado Tour, and dealing with rising costs 
  • Details about the Fischer tournament

You are sure to enjoy this weeks podcast! MP3 podcast interview with Fred Spell (Right Click to download) interview with Fred Spell PDF Transcript

You can follow Fred:

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Salute to Bobby Fischer Tournament Flyer


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