Andy Pineda Podcast

Today’s podcast features Andy Pineda, a super nice guy from Ft. Collins, that I recently met at the Wild West Tournament in Saratoga Wyoming.

Some fun factoids about Andy (in his words) many of which we talked about in the podcast:

  • a pre-Fischer boom chess player (well…. learned chess before Fischer boom)
  • Grew up on a farm in northern Colorado – an honest to goodness country bumpkin
  • 1 of 10 kids, youngest
  • Learned of Fischer through Boys Life magazine
  • Started club play over in Greeley, Colorado – Les Ward got me started
  • Played team chess on the Greeley and UNC club
  • Best advice from my Dad “Don’t give them any chances!”
  • Knew a lot of the top players in the area at that time (Dave Jellison, Ken Case, The McDonald Brothers, Les Ward, Tom Wayman)
  • Found out just a couple of years ago that Brad Lundstrom, knew many of the same people, but I don’t recall ever meeting him!
  • The Fischer-Spassky match really changed things, it was an amazing run of chess matches up to that point (one match played in Denver)
  • Then everyone was playing chess, tournaments attracted hundreds of players
  • You could take the bag off your head and tell people you played chess
  • took a long break from chess starting in 1977 while attending college, then new job, then marriage, then family, then back to chess
  • Picked it back up when Mom called and said she had boxes of my chess stuff and was going to throw it out if I didn’t come and get it
  • Started playing again in 1993
  • Played mostly postal chess due to schedule and family, got pretty good until chess databases spoiled the game
  • Mostly have done local Colorado events – Loveland tournament is one that I haven’t missed
  • likes meeting people and getting to know where they are from, etc
  • The kids these days are really good players
  • grateful that Colorado has good organizers and people to run tournaments, etc.

Andy and I talked about:

  • How he got interested in chess
  • Playing correspondence chess and how it has evolved
  • How the chess scene has changed over the years
  • The Fischer boom
  • The Wild West tournament in Saratoga WY
  • Studying tactics to improve your chess
  • and much more!

You are sure to enjoy this podcast! MP3 podcast interview with Andy Pineda (Right Click to download) interview with Andy Pineda PDF Transcript

Andy’s USCF Rating History

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