Punishing 2…f6 in the Kings Gambit

I recently had a quick kill on the Redhotpawn.com 14 day ladder. 

My opponent played 2…f6 against the King’s Gambit (1. e4 e5 2. f4), which is not a very strong move.

f6 is bad in a lot of similar openings, because it

  • weakens the kingside
  • allows a check by the queen on h5
  • wastes time when there are better moves

I tried to find the name of this variation, but couldn’t find anything.

Here is the game:

After the game my opponent told me:



I responded:

Hey, just saw your comment at the end of our game – it is funny you should mention my chess newsletter, because our game mirrored almost exactly one of the games that I featured on there:


where I talked about how to punish the Damiano Defense.

The position was not exactly the same, but very similar.

I think you might like the e-mail newsletter, and it is free.

Good luck in your future games



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