Newsletter #87 Game

2 thoughts on “Newsletter #87 Game

    • Right, but there is an in between move,


      22…Bxh6 23. Bxc3 then black has the in between move 23…Bg5 hitting the rook on d8 (instead of 23…bxc3 24. gxh6, which just leaves material even). After Bg5 black would have both his bishop and rook under attack, and no way to save both.

      If then 24. Bxb2 hitting the white rook as well, then white plays 24…Bxd8, which also hits the queen. So white is always a tempo ahead. If black moves the rook, then white just plays axb3 winning the bishop.

      If then 24. Qxd8 Rb2 then white has a pawn and rook for Bishop and two pawns, which maintains the material edge.

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