Newsletter #28 Game

7 thoughts on “Newsletter #28 Game

  1. Awesome game. The last four moves is incredible.

    I have a question (I believe it is a idiom question , possible I know what it means in the board) about what “quiet movie” means, please? Can you give me/us some example? Thank you!

  2. Hey Luiz!

    Sure, a “quiet move”, would be one where it is not making an obvious threat, or doing something like making a capture, or giving a check, but still has a purpose.

    In a game like this where there are fireworks on almost every single move, captures, checks, promotions, smothered mates, etc, moving the queen just one square, when it is such a powerful piece, is an example of a “quiet move”.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Thanks Luiz!

    BTW, one of my favorite Chess movies of all time – The Luzhin Defense, has a great line, where the main character is talking about his game, and he has a very dramatic pause, then says

    “I played a *QUIET* move!!”

    and is very excited about it :-)

    It is the kind of think only a chess player would find funny, but it is probably my favorite line and scene in the whole movie.

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