Newsletter #127 Game

2 thoughts on “Newsletter #127 Game

  1. Hi Paul
    Do you play Trompowski and Pseudo Trompowski often?
    I notice on Andrew Martin suggests Tromp and pseudo for players with limited time to study as white and Scandinavian and Slav for black because they have similar pawn structures; I might go with that as I am only 1180 at my club. Not sure about the similar pawn structures though. What do you think?
    Best of luck

  2. Greetings,

    I played the Tromp early in my chess career and recently rediscovered it. I do play the Slav as black but have never played the Scandinavian. I can see the Slav and Tromp using similar pawn structures if you play it that way. I will typically trade off the bishop for a doubled pawn in the Tromp and take advantage of weaker endgame play in the class world, which doesn’t really happen in the Slav. But the Tromp seems to be unfamiliar territory out here so I like it to get my opponent to have to think early.

    Good luck with it!

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