What do you like best about chess?

I recently send out a survey to my newsletter readers.  I am really thankful to the people who took the time to respond!  I already made a few changes to the newsletter based on the feedback, such as

  • including a click and move flash based link so you can play through each game
  • slowed down the delivery of the newsletter by sending no newsletters on Sundays
  • Added links to the blog page, as many readers didn’t know about it
  • Got several “guest newsletter” writers

I really enjoyed reading the results.  My favorite question was the last one which was “What do you like best about chess”?

Here are some of the great and interesting responses that I got:


It is a game that uses your mind that also helps you in many other areas of life too.

Chess is the ultimate thinking-man’s game.

A set of new puzzles every time.

The challenge it presents to my mind

Problem solving that leads to a win

It is fun and helps me become more smart.

The realisation that there is a great tactical forced mate or winning combination on the board.

At my age (I am 70) the challenge helps me to stay mentally active.

The beauty of a well-played game, the sense that I am a chessplayer win, lose, or draw; the total focus helps me deal with my bi-polar

Sometimes, the beauty.

Playing, searching for the perfect move is any position, the history

I enjoy the game

Everyone starts equals – a true test of ability.

great game for all ages!

It’s always different challenge.

Endless variety

The spiritual side: peace, meekness, patience, faithfulness, joy, and self-control


The beauty of it

Chess knowledge limitless.

No two games are the same!

Nice distraction from work

The ultimate mental break from the everyday.

The competition and the companionship of the players. I have been part of the Colorado chess scene since 1978.

Every move is a puzzle.

Intellctually stimulating… seeking the truth in a position, and the beauty, or art in a well played game, with all the variations.

It teaches a person how to think

Applying battlefield-like strategy to a board game

Attacking the enemy king.



The beauty of ideas and infinite possibilities: everyone can deep inside chess and enjoy it and explore it (as science, sport, education, art, composition, studies, research, etc.)

playing against smart people help me become a little smarter. I hope!

Winning a well played game.

mental exercise…

Solving problems and tactics

Intelellectual game where you can always be learning

Battle! Thanks!

It’s fun in fast games and very satisfying when I do well in long time controled games.

Successful Sacs

games of famous people

Best adrenaline rush you can get whilst sitting in an armchair…

Friendships, beauty of the game, and competitions.

the players and beating toads.

Pulling off a swindle that allows a draw or win against a superior opponent, or against an opponent who has held the advantage throughout the game.

the symphony of moves

When I first started out: End games. Nowadays, tactics and strategy related you middle games.

The intellectual challenge. I am 77 and mental exercise is the best exercise.

exercises mind

Pretty much everything.

The challenge, the adventure and the fact that you almost never know for sure what is going to happen next.


The challenge of finding the best move

the passion of the game and the friends I have made through my assoociation with Chess

that it is possible to get better by practice

International friendships through chess.

depth of the game

both sides know everything about the state of the game.


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