Tactics Time Wins Gold in the E-mail Marketing Summer Games!

Gold MedalThe Tactics Time Chess Improvement E-mail Newsletter won first place for “Best Content” in the 2012 AWeber E-mail Marketing Summer Games!

The criteria for the “Best Content” award was:

  • The content of the email relates to the brand’s product or service without being a direct sales pitch.
  • The content of the email provides a measure of education or entertainment.
  • The content of the email provides value readers won’t find elsewhere.

AWeber wrote:

We salute you, the best of the best email marketers, with a place on the winners podium in the 2012 Email Marketing Summer Games.

You can see all of the award winners here: http://www.aweber.com/blog/email-marketing/congratulations-world-class-email-marketers.htm

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for my e-mail newsletter!  I put a lot of time and energy into it, to make it fun and useful to chess players all over the world, and I really appreciate winning this award!


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