News and Notes: TT2 paperback, Happy Bday, more!

Today’s Sunday Chess Column by Stephen Dann, Worcester Telegram and Gazette features a position of mine from the Bobby Fischer Memorial played in May.

It is from my game against Joshua Jex, and I am Black.

TTJoshuaJexBFMBlack to play

You can read the column here:

I had used this position in one of my newsletters that I wrote about this year’s Bobby Fischer Memorial, which you can read here:

Correction: On Wednesday I sent out an email newsletter with a Maya Angelou tribute (which you read here:  I misspelled her name in the subject and title section – as “Maya Angelo” – without the “u” at the end).   I regret the error.  I heard back from a lot of people that they really liked this newsletter.

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Tactics Time Newsletter!

Last month was also the 3rd birthday of the Tactics Time email newsletter!  You can read the special birthday email that I sent out here:

Happy 3rd birthday tactics time chess newsletter

Remember, if you haven’t signed up yet, please do!  It is free, easy to read, doesn’t take a lot of time, and has lots of fun tactics.  I would love to have you as a subscriber!

Colorado vs New Mexico Match

I am going to be the tournament director for the Colorado vs New Mexico match in two weeks.

Here are the players so far

NewMexicoColoradoWe are still waiting to see who the class “B” player from Colorado will be.

SwissSysI just downloaded the newest version of SwissSys (version 8.894) which looks like it has some useful bug fixes and improvements in it – such as using the latest USCF “K Factor” for determining ratings, so might be worth picking up.  Upgrades are free if you already have a license for version 8.

You can get the latest version at and see the list of fixes here:

Tactics Time 2 available for pre-order in paperback!

Amazon now has Tactics Time 2: 1001 More Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Players available for preorder.

paperbackstack(3)The advantage of pre-ordering the book is that you are guaranteed to get the lowest price.

So say you buy the book now, and the price is 15.00.  Now say the price lowers to 13.50 in August.  The price that you will pay is 13.50, because Amazon does price matching.

With Tactics Time 1, the lowest prices that I saw were during the pre-order time, so I think it makes sense to pre-order the book.

I also signed TT2 up for amazon’s “Match Book” program, so if you buy the paperback, you will get the kindle version for free!  This only works if you buy the paperback through amazon though (this offer works for Tactics Time!: 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players as well).


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