New idea for dealing with roudy chess players; Chess Pins

  • Pepper Spray Cop Meme for chess

Bob forgot to hit his clock after his move.

I don’t really have any Photoshop skills, but have been laughing at all of the Pepper Spray cop images that have been going around the internet, and made a weak attempt at making my own :-)

    •  Chess Pins

No, not the tactical kind :-)

I got an e-mail from a chess player from Hungary looking for chess pins – the kind that you can wear on your shirt

I actually have a couple of chess pins from the Reno tournaments that I have played in, but I do not want to give them away, for sentimental reasons. 

Here is the e-mail if you are interested in helping him

From: Laszlo Sandor
To: timmybx
Sent: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 4:21 am
Subject: chess pin

Dear Brennan, Tim
I´m 31 years old engineer, and I collect pins of all kind of sport since 1998, having at this moment more than 4000 pins from different categories.
I would like to have the pin of Colorado State Chess Association or your club pin, because I haven´t. If you don’t have the above mentioned pin, I’m interested any kind of sport pin.
Thank you for your attention and I hope that can I have the pleasure of receive what I require! I wish you a good year 2011!
My home address is:
Laszlo Sandor (Alexandru), 535600 Odorheiu Sec. Breslelor BL7 AP3 judetul Harghita – ROMANIA


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