Media Circus!

Tactics Time has been getting a lot of press lately!

On Sunday my website was mentioned in Stephen Dann’s Chess Column, which appears in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette NewspaperWorcester is the second largest city in Massachusetts, after Boston.

Stephen has been on the chess scene for a long time, and has worked as a chess journalist for over 35 years.  He is a past president of the Chess Journalists of America (CJA).  We often exchange e-mails with thoughts on chess politics, marketing, teaching, and journalism.  He has given me a lot of really good feedback, and some nice complements about my chess tactics e-mail newsletter, and a lot of referrals too, which I really appreciate!

Thanks Stephen!

I also received a really nice review, written by Ken Surratt from!

You can read their review here:

I had no idea that they were going to do that, so was a really nice surprise!

Chessville also writes a free chess e-mail newsletter, and I highly recommend everyone to sign up.  They cover major chess events, do reviews of books, websites, and provide lots of great instruction.  They also love great quotes, and have an awesome collection on their site.

I have been a subscriber of the chessville newsletter for a long time, and they always do a great job.

Also, thank you to everyone who asked me about the Waldo Canyon Fire, which is currently still going in the area in which I live.  The fire has been crazy the past week, and has destroyed about 350 homes so far.  The apartment I live in is was close to the fire, but no damage was done.

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One thought on “Media Circus!

  1. Timmy!

    Nice to see and hear that your website with GREAT chess newsletter was recognized not only by amateurs. I think you are doing great work and I am glad to see your efforts beneficial! You are giving not only the examples, but the inspiration themes – especially when I need to work out some new concepts!

    PS. Do not make so close wire… with Waldo Canyon Fire! We need you in a one piece Timmy! Just make fire… on the board!

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