Dick Clark interviewing Bobby Fischer

Rest in Peace to Dick Clark who passed away today.  You will be missed.

I have always been a fan of his, and remember watching his shows like $25,000 Pyramid, Bloopers and Practical Jokes, and spending many years “Rockin” in New Years Eve with him.

When I saw the movie “Bobby Fischer against the World” one of my favorite scenes was when Fischer appeared on the television game show “I’ve got a secret” at age 15, and was interviewed by Clark. 

The show appeared in May 1958, and Fischer was able to stump the panel, who could not figure out that he was the US Chess Champion.

See the clip below, which is really a fun one.  Bobby’s answer to Clark’s question if what he did “made people happy” is priceless. Fischer responded, “It made me happy.”

Dick Clark applauding one of Bobby Fischer's answers

I also love the part where Garry Moore asked him how long he had been playing chess.

Fischer responded that he had been playing since he was six, but that he had not been playing seriously until age 9.


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