October 2010 Tactics Time: Quick Kill

The October 2010 issue of Tactics Time features some interesting tactics in the opening.

Problem 1 features a very interesting opening trap against the dutch defense that I had never seen before.  The complete game is given in the answers, and is a trap worth knowing.  Black gets checkmated on move 7!

Problem 2 features the Budapest Defense, which I love to play as black.  There are lots of tricks and traps in this opening, and this is one of them.

Problem 3 features a tactic that Anthea Carson missed in her favorite “Horse Fly” Animal Opening (1. f4 Nh3?!).

Problem 6 is also a quick kill that I did against Jerry Maier, and was featured in Paul Anderson’s Colorado Springs Chess Club newsletter during his annual “Tim Brennan Week”.



October 2010 Tactics Time Column

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