October 2006 Tactics Time: Out of the Dark Ages

The Colorado Chess Informant, and Tactics Time column had a bit of a “Dark Ages” in late 2005 and early 2006 until Randy Reynolds of Fort Collins told over as Editor of the magazine, and brought the column back to life.  Randy penned Tactics Time in October 2006, and did a great job.  He used a slightly different format, with fewer problems, and the answers on the same paqe, but upside down. 

I am grateful to Randy for bringing the column back to life!

Problem 1 features the first position in Tactics Time where one of the opponents is a computer.   Other tactics include discovered attack, pinned piece, mating net, knight fork, and the always crucial back rank mate pattern.

Terry Powell, Jay Schaefer, Brad Lundstrom, Lee Lahti and other chess players are featured!


Note: To flip the document in Adobe Reader “right click” with the mouse, and choose, “Rotate Clockwise” twice.


October 2006 Tactics Time Column


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