October 2004 Tactics Time Column

 The October 2004 issue of tactics time included a lot of tactics involving the knight.

As my good buddy Francisco once said “Knights are tricky”.

This issue also features some good upsets, missed opportunities, and even an underpromotion!

There are a variety of tournaments featured from different areas of Colorado.  Players featured include Larry Wutt, Kathy Schneider, Buck Buchanan, Joe Haines, Ann Davies, and more!


October 2004 Tactics Time Column

October 2004 Tactics Time Column

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One thought on “October 2004 Tactics Time Column

  1. I like Franciscos quote and believe in it and abide by it. I’d like it a little better if it ws “Knights is tricky.” or “Horsies is tricky.” Oh those trick ponies.

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