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It has been a while since I did a blog post, so I need to catch up!

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Here are some recent Newsletters that I have sent out:

Not all of my newsletters can be read on this site – only the ones that are sent as “broadcasts” – where everyone gets the same e-mail as the same time.  I usually do broadcast newsletters for topical events that need to be sent “live”.


  •  Tim Brennan Week


Paul Anderson had his annual “Tim Brennan Week” recently – I did a guest post for Paul’s Newsletter, which you can read here:

Paul played in the “Colorado Challenger” this weekend, which is an invitational event for people who are ranked below just the people in the “Colorado Closed”.

I helped Paul with some “Home Preparation” by giving him about 300 games of the people that he would be playing over the weekend.  I obsessively have been collecting chess games for years from amateur players to look through their games to find tactics that I can use in my books, newsletter, etc.

Paul stopped by my apartment last night after he last round game to thank me for my help.  He said that the database really helped, especially in his game against David Hartsook. 

Paul did a great job, tying for first in the Challenger section.  Nice work!

A few minutes later former CSCA (Colorado State Chess Association) President Paul Covington called me.  He wanted to know the results of the Colorado Senior Open and Colorado Closed.  I let him know the details that I had.  I was the TD for Friday night of the Closed, but did not stick around for the whole weekend.

Paul Covington is on a chess tour, where he is traveling all over the country with his wife visiting chess clubs, and playing in tournaments.  He told me that he is having a blast.  He has set up a blog at to document his adventure.

Here is an article from a Missouri newspaper, where Paul was featured, including a video: .

On the previous weekend, my friend Paul Grimm came down, and spent the night, and we both played in the Colorado Springs fundraiser tournament.  I was the TD for that event as well.

With so many people named Paul playing chess in Colorado, my girlfriend asked me last night,

How many chess friends named Paul do you have?




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