January 2005 Tactics Time: Forcing a Draw


January 2005 Tactics Time Column

The January 2005 Tactics Time features some great positions!

Included are discovered and double attacks, deflections, mating nets, and two games where the losing side forces a draw (a really under appreciated, but important tactical motif!)

Problem #8 is interesting, because the computer knows the best move instantly with the 5 piece tablebases installed, but could not quickly solve it through calculation.  If you get into a lot of endgames, and do a lot of computer analysis, the endgame tablebases can be really helpful in finding the best moves.

Problem #9 is probably my favorite Tactics Time problem of all time.  Mikhail Ponomarev (Black) is a Master, and Paul Grimm (White) is a B player, who would play every game out until checkmate, always looking for a “swindle”.  This game was played in Durango, which hosted the US G/60 championship that year.

Other games feature Randy Reynolds, Dean Brown, Dan Avery, Joe Aragon, Al Gardner and more!


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