Carson Crusher, Mall Rats, Musicals, More

  • My good friend Anthea Carson just posted a cool game on her facebook page.  See if you can find her killer move here, with white to move.  Answer at the bottom.

    White to Move

  • Colorado added a new tournament this year, the Colorado Senior Championship – seems like a nice idea!  I know New Mexico had one when I played down there a couple years ago when I went on a road trip with Paul Grimm, J.C. MacNeil and Andy Rea down there from Denver.
  • Interesting piece from 9 News in Denver about chess on the 16th street mall in Denver, where I used to play blitz on occasion.  
  • If you haven’t seen the new Colorado Chess Informant magazine, it is available for free on  Thanks to editor Fred Spell for the shameless plugs for my newsletter and website :-)
  • “Chess, A Musical” coming to Arvada, CO March 27-April 15 Should be fun! I love Abba, and chess!
  • I just added a new bonus for all Tactics Time customers – a copy of all of my 132 newsletters that I have written in PDF format.  You can see a link now on the download page where you can download individual issues, or a zip file containing all of them.  This way you don’t have to wait to get them in the mail, and sometimes I go back, and make corrections, or improve the image, or add more variations, etc.

Answer: 22. Qxf6! is a helmet to helmet concussion giving skull crusher.  If 22… gxf6 23.Nf7#, and any other move, black is just down a rook.  Very Nice Anthea!

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