Boars Gone Wild

This past Saturday I played in one of the “Wild Boar Coffee” tournaments held in Fort Collins, Colorado.   This was my first time playing in one of these events.  This was the Sixth Wild Boar Event, and had a time control of G/45, which is both Quick and Standard rated.  You can see the results of the tournament here.

I love the name “Wild Boar”.  It reminds me of the “Boars Nest” from the Dukes of Hazzard, one of my favorites shows when I was a kid!  For those not familiar with the show, The Boar’s Nest, owned by Boss Hogg, is the slickest club in Hazzard.  All the elite go there.  It has a dollar cover charge to keep out the riff raff.

Unlike the Boars Nest, The Wild Boar doesn't charge a dollar cover charge to keep out the riff raff

I stopped by the Shady Acres chess retirement home on the way up from Colorado Springs, and met up with Paul Grimm and James “J.C.” MacNeil to join me. J.C. hadn’t pushed a pawn in a rated game in over a year!  J.C. and I decided to do a podcast together, which you should look for soon!

I had a really good time, and was nice to get to meet, and play against some new people. I had some exciting games as well, and got some additional signups for my chess tactics newsletter :-)

There were 14 players, which I guess is on the low side. The CU-CSU game was being played at the same time, so that may have affected attendance. Colorado Springs represented over a third of the attendance!

The coffee shop is very nice, and right on the college campus. Paul and I walked around the campus during one of the breaks, which was pretty much deserted, except for a few Asian students who probably have never watched a football game in their lives, and were actually studying lol.

I personally really like playing in coffee shops.  They tend to have a fun, trendy atmosphere, with lots of cute, young, hipster girls, and dudes with tattoos and unusual piercings hanging out, and working there.  When hanging out in these coffee shops, I feel like I am on the 2011 version of the tv show “Friends” :)

The “Wild Boar” is fairly similar to the “Daily Grind” in Pueblo.  Here are the similiarities: 

  • Nice location, easy to find, and get to
  • Free WiFi internet connection
  • slightly overpriced
  • street parking only
  • nice selection of drinks and sandwiches.
  • nice surrounding neighborhoods to walk around in between rounds.  The Boar has the CSU campus, and the Grind has the River Walk area.

The main differences between the Daily Grind and Wild Boar are:

  • At the Wild Boar we played in the basement, separate from the rest of the customers.  At the Daily Grind you are in the same area as the customers, with several tables reserved for the chess players.  Personally I don’t like being in basements with no windows or natural light, but the Boar’s wasn’t too bad.  If you like it quiet the Boar is much better.  If you like playing out in public (which I do) the Grind is better.
  • The Boar events are not “Colorado Tour” events, but the Grind events are.  I personally like playing in Tour events, and I am more likely to go if they are tour events, but not everyone agrees with this.  Some people think only “serious” events should be tour events, which I disagree with. 

The tournament was very well run, and I would certainly recommend it! Thanks to Frank Deming for organizing and TDing!

Randy Reynolds, who tied for first, posted an interesting game of his from the tournament, which had a fun tactic in it.  Answer at the bottom of the post.

White to Move


Here is the complete game:


   White is down a bishop and a pawn, but has an amazing drawing resource
with 25.Rxh6+!!

   Black cannot stop the checks, For example 25…Kxh6 26.Rh1+ Kg7
27.Rg1+ Kh6

   The wall of pawns and pieces on the f file prevent the king from ever
stepping forward, and the white king cannot stop the checks from the rook.

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