April 2010 Tactics Time: Tormenting your opponent

The April 2010 Tactics Time column featured a new twist – all of the games were from Colorado players in games that were played on RedHotPawn.com.

Problem 7 is another absurd position that really happened in a game, but looks like it came from a composed problem.  My good friend Francisco Baltier decided to torment his opponent who refused to resign by first promoting multiple pawns into queens.  Then he decided that he was going to checkmate his opponent by only making king moves.  Personally I would never have the patience to do something like this, and like to end the games as quickly as possible, but Francisco and Pete Short love things like this lol.

Problem 2 shows a common motif when the player pushes his f pawn before castling, and the opponent comes flying in with a queen check.  Be careful moving this pawn in the opening!



April 2010 Tactics Time Column

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