Question about the Chess Tactic From Robert Byrne eMail Newsletter

I am going through some of my e-mail today and thought I would post a question that I got here, which may be of interest to others:

In regard to this position, which was in my tribute to Robert Byrne Tribute email:

Black to Move

Robert Bryne Chess Tactic

Hi Tim
Was just wondering re the position in the 20 April newsletter below, why black doesn’t just play Bxe5+ instead of the queen sacrifice played by Byrne? After 39…Bxe5+, any white King move ends in Qxg2#, as does 40.Rxe5 or Qxe5; and blocking the check with 40.Rg3 drops the white queen as well as the bishop, and indeed the white rook!
My Answer:
One hint – 40. Qxe5 is a check :-)
Their Response:
ah – of course it is! 
You can read the newsletter in the above link for the answer, if you are not sure what it is!

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