Tactics Time News and Notes: UTD Chess, Prison Chess

  • UT Dallas Chess LogoChesscafe.com featured this video showing the UT Dallas Chess Team.  “The Incredible” Tyler Hughes of Colorado is featured in the video!

I used to live in Dallas, and took some math and computer science classes there, before I moved to Colorado.  It looks like they have made a lot of nice improvements to the campus since that time!



  • I really enjoyed the article about Prison Chess in the latest issue of Chess Life.  I loved the chess Trash Talk sound bytes such as “Someone dial 911, because this guy isn’t moving!”
  • The Colorado Springs Chess Club will hold its annual Club Championship Tournament starting on its usual date of Tuesday, October 11.  It will be a 4-round Swiss, G/90, not rated, Ef $5, held at the club at 104 E. Platte. Games will start at 8:00 PM.  Please be there well before that time on Oct. 11 to register.
  • I am planning on dressing up as Batman’s sidekick, Robin The Boy Wonder, for Halloween this year :-)  I am planning on posting some pictures of me playing Robin’s favorite opening – The Bird! Stay Tuned!


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