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  • Congrats to Kathy Schneider who just reached an all time high rating after a great performance this past weekend at the Tourney at the Temple tournament in Pueblo.  Kathy garnered the Under1200 prize by winning 3 out of 5 games to gain 89 rating points to reach a career high rating of 1159. 305 rating points gain in less than a year….Great Job Kathy! :-D

Info from that page: Come one come all!

Some 1500 years ago, the ultimate game of thought originated in NW India, and spread to Persia, where “Shah-k-Mate” (Checkmate–literally “the king is dead”) was coined, forever making regicide a household metaphor for mind expanding fun! Then, for centuries, a lot of other things happened–UNTIL: the Glovinsky Gallery unveiled the “Art of Chess”: an art exhibition and tribute to the world’s greatest time honored tradition of strategy.

Join the local art scene!!! Support beautiful Chess themed paintings and sculpture with a glass of fine wine and conversation! Maybe even find the perfect holiday gift for a brilliant loved one!

Here are some pictures sent to me by Anthea Carson, whose own artwork will be featured in the show.

J.C.'s beautiful chess table

Janet's Beautiful Chess Set

Metal Art from J.C. MacNeil

J.C. MacNeil's Table will be featured at the Chess Art Show this Friday

  •  Sending me games via e-mail

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me games to use in my newsletters and database!  If you play on RHP, and would like to send me your games via email, here is how to do it:

You can go here: And it will email you 100 of your games.

Then you could just forward the email to me at :) Thanks!!

Also thanks to everyone who has been telling their friends about my chess tactics newsletter, and encouraging them to sign up :-)  I am closing in on 200 subscribers at the moment!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use the box in the right side to sign up now!  You can always unsubscribe with just one click.  Every e-mail contains an unsubscribe link, so there is not risk or hassle.  I think that spamming is a serious offense, and take it very seriously! 

I really enjoy Jennifer’s writing, and her fun, lighthearted approach to the game! 

Her brother Greg has also written some really great articles that I have enjoyed, with some really creative ideas about improving the game of chess, and making it more popular to the general public. 

Both of them are excellent poker players, and I think that some of the ideas that has made poker really grow in popularity the past decade might be applicable to chess as well.

The Denver Chess Club used to hold a Halloween tournament each year, where players got a discounted entry if they dressed up.  That was always one of my favorite tournaments.  I would love to see a dress up tournament for next year here in Colorado!

Batgirl and Robin keeping the streets of Colorado Springs safe!


Also, here is a picture of me and my girlfriend Mia, dressed up as Batgirl and Robin for Halloween, taken this past Saturday night.  Has nothing to do with chess, but I love Halloween, and dressing up :-)  I imagine Robin’s opening choice would be “The Bird” (1. f4!)  Not sure what Robin would play against “The Penguin”! (1. Nf3 2. Rg1!?)

Another suitable openings would be the Halloween Gambit (1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Nxe5!).  Mia is Hungarian, so good openings for her are the Hungarian Defense (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Be7) or the Budapest Defense (one of my favorites!) (1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5!?)

  • Tim "Tebowing"

    Here in Colorado, and even on the national sports talk, there is constant talk and debate about who is going to be the starting quarterback for the Broncos, Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow. 

It makes me wonder, why do the coaches even announce who the starting quarterback is going to be?  In the one game, against the San Diego Chargers, where Tebow came into the game unexpected, it totally caught the defense off guard.  In chess you would never announce to your opponent what opening you are planning on playing, so why do NFL coaches do this?  Why make the pregame preparation easy for your opponent? 

I pride myself on the fact that my opponents never know what opening I am going to play.  I have played almost every legal first move, including many games with 1. g4!

  • TacticsTime cracks the top 100 "Let's Check" group analysis of Fritz 13's Live Book cloud

    I have really been enjoying my new Fritz 13 that I just got this week. The “Let’s Check” feature is really revolutionary, and a brilliant idea. I have been letting my computer run, doing analysis of positions that other people submitted, and just cracked the top 100 list :-)

I still have not really figured out how to tell how many points I would have had if I was not on the top 100 list.  I cannot tell how many points I got for each position as well.  I can see the number for other people, but not myself.

I also “Discovered” various positions, which is a really fun idea.

If you haven’t updated your copy of Fritz in a while, you might consider adding the new version 13 to your Christmas list for Santa.  It really is pretty neat.  Even if you prefer a different engine, you can still use the Fritz 13 interface to use the “Let’s Check” functionality, which is the main reason to get it. 

I am assuming that the “Live Book” will be legal for correspondence chess.  That will be a real game changer in my opinion.  Especially once more and more people start adding analysis to the cloud.

  • Interesting 2 minute video I watched this morning with Garry Kasparov talking about making mistakes in chess

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