Mt. Evans Gambit

Yesterday, July 31, 2011, I traveled up to Mt. Evans, Colorado with my two long time chess friends, Paul Grimm, and J.C. MacNeil.

Mt. Evans has an elevation of 14,265 ft, and has the highest paved road in North America. It is one of 54 “fourteeners” (a mountain over 14,000 feet in elevation) in Colorado. We drove to the top, but I still considered this to be “bagging a fourteener” (an expression here).

Once at the top we played some chess, which was a lot of fun! Several tourists were interested in this, and one boy even had his picture taken playing chess with us, and was quite happy about it.

Here are some pictures which show what it was like being up that high. I would highly recommend going up to Mt. Evans if you are ever near the Denver area, and if you bring a chess set, be sure and brush up on the Evans Gambit beforehand!

Update: “Greenpawn” who writes a hilarious chess blog on Red Hot Pawn, wrote a really funny post about us playing on top of the mountain. He calls us wimps, and noticed that we actually didn’t even play the Evans Gambit (which I have to admit, I didn’t even think of doing until after we were done playing). Really funny stuff! Thanks Greenpawn!!

There was also another followup thread where greenpawn34 issued a challenge for others to play chess openings based on the name.

“Scour your atlas’s boys. Seek mountains with chess names, conquer them and play said opening on it’s peak.

Find oceans and seas with chess names and play a game underwater in it’s murky depths.
(don’t bother hiring aqua lung equipment, just take deep breaths.)

Find girls with chess names. Sally Bishop, Mary King, Ethel Rook etc etc. Marry them and name your kids after chess computers.”

Pretty funny stuff!


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