James “J.C.” MacNeil Chess Podcast Interview

Today’s podcast features James “J.C.” MacNeil.

J.C. MacNeil's Beautiful Chess Table

J.C. is a well known chess player in Colorado.  He first started playing at the Denver Chess Club in the early 1980s.  J.C. is a strong blitz player, and is known for being very tactical.  He has played hundreds of rated games with Unorthodox openings such as the Orangutan (1. b4), Polish Defense (1. d4 b5) and St. George Defense (1. e4 a6).  J.C. mostly plays online now, both blitz and correspondence, but still has a deep love of the game, and the competition.

J.C. is a very talented welder, and recently created a beautiful chess table that he is selling.  You can hear the details in today’s podcast of how he made it, and what the table is like.  J.C. has made several tables over the years, each one unique, special and beautiful.

J.C.’s latest table has been submitted for entry into the “Art of Chess” exhibition that will be held in Denver later in the year at the Glovinsky Art Gallery.  See http://www.glovinskygallery.com/the-art-of-chess/ for more details about this event.


This video, created by Anthea Carson, shows J.C. creating this beautiful table.

J.C. and I talked about:

  • How he got interested in chess, and his playing style
  • The chess tables that he has made over the years, and the process involved
  • The 16th Street Mall in Denver, which has outdoor chess tables
  • The Denver Chess Club
  • Unorthodox Openings
  • and much more!

You are sure to enjoy this podcast!


TacticsTime.com MP3 podcast interview with James MacNeil (Right Click to download)

TacticsTime.com interview with James MacNeil PDF Transcript

J.C.’s USCF Rating History

Here is my game against J.C. played recently at the Wild Boar tournament in Fort Collins.  There are a lot of fun tactics!

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One thought on “James “J.C.” MacNeil Chess Podcast Interview

  1. You got an interesting attack; though judging by this game, J.C. is a very disciplined defender. I wonder where the last chance for a draw was.

    He practically willed you into playing Rg1, but I think 33.Qc6 Qd2, 34.Re7, and Black will want to draw by perpetual check, or so I figure.

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