25,000 moves on RHP, Loveland Open, Xtreme Chess

  • I just played my 25,000 move on Red Hot Pawn! 

    Red Hot Pawn awards players a different colored star next to their name based on how many moves they have made, and you get a darker star after 25,000 moves.

    White to Play Mate in One

    The stars are as follows:

    • Under 2000 moves.
    • Over 2000 moves.
    • Over 10,000 moves.
    • Over 25,000 moves.
    • Over 50,000 moves.
    • Over 100,000 moves.
    • Over 500,000 moves.


    I wanted my 25,000th move to be a checkmate, and was able to accomplish that!

    See the diagram, which is the position before I played my move. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it because most players will resign before the game is over, and I had to time it just right.

    Here is the game:


  • Thanks to everyone who sent me questions from Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk.  I e-mailed her the questions today, and will post her responses soon.


  • I will be playing in the Loveland Open this weekend.

    Fred Spell made a cool logo for the Tournament.  Nice job Fred!

    My buddy Francisco Baltier will be coming in from Tucson Arizona to play.  There are also players from Alaska, North Carolina and California preregistered!  So there will be quite a few different states represented!

    Should be fun! 

    Here are the details

    Loveland Open, February 11 – 12, 2012

    4 round Swiss system tournament.
    Time Control: 40/2 G/1
    Site: Larimer County Fairgrounds, McKee Community Building, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland, CO 80538.
    Directions: I-25 to exit 259. Head East to Fairgrounds Ave. light and turn left. Watch for the arched entrance on the left.
    Open: Open to all USCF members and unrated.
    Reserve: Open to all USCF members rated < 1600 and unrated.
    Entry fee: $35 ($30 if rec’d by Feb. 9th)
    Prizes: Based on entries.
    Registration: 8-9:30 AM, Rounds: 10 AM, 4 PM; 9 AM, 3 PM..
    Entries: Randy Reynolds 1839 Thyme Court, Fort Collins, CO 80528
    Phone: 970-310-4224
    E-mail: randy_teyana@msn.com
    25% discount off advance entry fee if Junior, Senior, or unrated.

  • There just isn’t enough televised chess. – David Letterman

    A new episode of the Xtreme Chess Championships is out.  I thought this episode was even better than the first one.  The games were exciting, the players were interesting, the pace was just right.

    I liked how they played at a fast pace, and keep playing until there is a clear winner.  The boys versus girls angle was great too!

    Check it out!


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