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I’d come across ideas in math and chess and how they’re related all the time when I was writing Tactics Time, and I’m pretty sure its of interest to many folks and how chess can be better used in education to help kids learn.

Well, now there is a new educational tool/math boardgame coming on the market called Yamie Chess (https://www.yamiechess.com) that has been endorsed by IM Jeremy Silman and several Harvard and MIT math experts.

What’s exciting is that it could bridge key mathematical ideas that I know kids require for scholastic learning, with the known math logic of the chess grid.

Yamie Chess could potentially make a lot of kids who aren’t doing well in math, a lot smarter. I’ve spent some time this weekend reading the site over at Yamie Chess, it’s pretty comprehensive, and qualified.

yamie-tigerThey’ve engaged Harvard/MIT field experts and used a cartoon framework to capitalize on the links in chess and math, teaching algebra and geometry, number skills and other relevant math topics. It launches at Toy Fair 2014, see the teacher’s page: https://www.yamiechess.com/teachers

Tactics Time was always aware that academic studies generally show that chess results in increased scores on standardized math tests and help kids to visualize abstract math ideas and focus with their concentration.

King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields – Yamie Chess (Winner of Canada International Film Festival’s Royal Reel Award in Animation) from Yamie Chess Ltd on Vimeo.

But talking specifically for an audience of children, Yamie Chess seeks to roll these academic benefits of chess to the next stage, with a math teaching approach grounded in a sci-fi fantasy universe where the characters are the pieces.

Yamie Chess was designed by engineers from MIT and Stanford – worth having a read of their parent’s page here too: https://www.yamiechess.com/parents.

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