Reader Mail: How long to reach 1600+?

cool_emailTime for some reader mail!

Cobi S. writes:

I loved your 2nd Anniversary Newsletter. I’m presently rated 1400+ in and I gained a 100 points over a period of 6 months of intense chess playing. How long do you think will it take for me to reach 1600+


Also I want to know your rating too bro :)

My response…

Thanks Cobi!

I am 1854 right now for the June USCF supplement, and 1985 right now on (the only place I really play online)

I think it is possible to go from the 1400s to 1600s pretty quickly.  If you look at my USCF rating history graph:


I basically “jumped” over the 1400-1600 range, by doing nothing but the study of tactics.  1324 in March 2002 and 1591 by November 2002.  So that is over 250 points in less than a year.

So it really just depends on how much you play, how much you study, and how quickly you can fix mistakes in your game.  But I do think it is possible to make pretty rapid gains.

Hope that helps!



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