2016 Daily Chess Tactics Calendars

Last year, right around Thanksgiving, Anthea came up with the idea to create a daily chess calendar for 2015.

She asked me if I would be interested in doing this with her, and I thought it was a great idea!

So Anthea ran around and tried to figure out the logistics of getting some calendars printed, and I worked on creating a prototype.

I threw up a sales page, sent out a couple emails and posts on facebook and twitter, and started getting responses from literally all over the world.

People were VERY excited about the calendars!

Once we got some calendars printed, we could barely keep them in stock, and had to keep printing more.

We made a bunch of mistakes, and didn’t really make any money in the end (the costs ended up being about the same as we took in), but we got a bunch of valuable lessons on how to do this better.

So now for 2016, we are back with another chess tactics calendar, and I think that you are going to love it!

2016 Chess Calendar Cover Page

2016 Chess Calendar

Each day (Saturday and Sunday are combined) contains a fun, original, chess tactic from a real game (just like the ones in my email newsletter, magazine columns, kindle and paperback books, etc).

These make a THOUGHTFUL GIFT, and will look great in your home or office.

Also, this year you can purchase the calendars on amazon.com!

Some people complained last year about the shipping costs.  Now this will be less of an issue, because Amazon offers free shipping for Prime members, or with combined orders.

I am still selling them on my own website as well, which was the only way that you could order one last year.  Some people don’t like amazon, or can’t use it in their country, so this option is there as well.

I am really excited about these!  The feedback from last year was tremendous.  Be sure and pick one up now!

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