Tactics Time Zero!

Today I have a special announcement!

Anthea and I are going to be putting out a new kindle chess e-book called “Tactics Time Zero“!

We had been working on a full blown Tactics Time 3, but this has kind of been dragging on for about 2 years, and people are getting impatient!

Here is a message that someone sent me recently on facebook.

I am on my knee’s praying and hoping for Tactics Time 3 ~ James Abert


So we decided to answer prayers, and take some of what we already have an publish an all new smaller book.

And we are going to be giving it away for free!

This book will have 250 brand new problems in it, very similar to the ones that are in Tactics Time 1 and 2.

Since it isn’t really Tactics Time 3, which we still hope to make, we decided to name this book Tactics Time Zero!

It is “zero” because it is like a prequel book, and because it will be free (kind of like how “coke zero” has zero calories).

Plus I am a computer programmer, where everything starts with zero :-)

One of the cover designs submitted in the Tactics Time Zero contest

One of the cover designs submitted in the Tactics Time Zero contest

The idea is that people can try out TT0 for free, and if they like it, they can buy the other books and tell their friends.  It is also a gift to give our starving fans some new bones to chew on :-)

Kind of like when George R. R. Martin releases a Game of Thrones sample chapter to keep readers happy in the years between books! lol

Also!  We are having a book cover design contest!

We ran it on 99designs.com, which is the same site we used for the Tactics Time 1 and 2 cover.


We received 129 different entries from 43 different designers!  Anthea and I narrowed it down to 8 entries (which wasn’t easy!), and we are asking people to vote on which cover they like best.

You can go here to vote: https://99designs.com/book-cover-design/contests/chess-niche-kindle-ebook-cover-512474/poll/k87wlv?utm_source=voting_app&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=voting

We would love your feedback!


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