Merry Christmas!

Last night I received a package with 10 copies of the Tactics Time paperback book in it!

Anthea came over, and we both opened it together at the same time.

Neither one of us had seen it yet, so it was very exciting!

We were both really happy with how the book looks.  The cover looks beautiful, and the puzzles use the same graphics as the kindle book.  Each puzzle is presented from the side whose turn it is to play.  So if it is black to move, the black pieces are on the bottom. 

Tactics Time Chess Paperback booksThe book has been selling well – it is currently #2 in the New in Chess Store, and both the kindle book and paperback are in the top 10 chess books on amazon.

New in Chess Top SellersThanks so much for your support!


A 24 Hour Chess Tournament?! Surely, you can’t be serious!

Surely you can't be serious

I will be playing in a 24 Hour “Insanity” tournament this weekend, hosted by Chess Mom, active tournament player, and political gadfly Shirley Herman!  It should be a lot of fun!

SurelyThe tournament is 10 rounds, each round consisting of 2 games each – one as white and one as black against each opponent.  20 games total.  It starts at 10AM on Saturday, and ends at 10AM on Sunday. Here are the details on the colorado chess website – Should be fun!!

Let it snow newsletter

Here is a link to the newsletter that I sent out last Sunday.  Not all of the newsletters that I email are available online, but the “broadcast” ones are.  There are some good tactics included!

Hope that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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